America has responded to our Great American Book Giveaway. We have truly been brought to our knees. In the last three weeks we sent out a couple hundred books, then overnight the number of requests is in the thousands! Thank you for this overwhelming response. We need to conclude the book giveaway at this time - we have a tiny staff and we want to get these thousands of books out in a timely manner. We are sorry that we have to end this giveaway and hope you understand.

Be well, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Our staff, Carolyn, Shannon, Leslie
and the sisters: Teri, Traci, Toni, Tami

Hope to see you in person sometime in Gold Beach, Oregon

To read more about our bookstore and story checkout this page And if you would like to visit our coastal community after the quarantine there are great links to local events, lodging and more at this site: