Magda Druzdel –

Magda has been an artist at heart all of her life. Having an architect as a father while growing up in the metropolis of Warsaw, Poland, greatly impacted her creative pursuits. After studying architecture herself, I realized that drawing and painting were natural and enjoyable. After moving to Gold Beach, Oregon she found the rugged … Read more

Karen Ehart

“I am fascinated with the visual appeal of creating colorful sculpture and useful objects with glass.” With an organic, painterly style, Karen Ehart draws her inspiration from nature: sea life, microscopic images, a rock-filled stream bed. The many places she has lived, from the tropics to the desert, have influenced the evolution of her work. … Read more

Firesmith Copper –

Art, Born of Fire Exploring Elemental Harmony with Flame-Painted Copper Fire. The element sparks sensations of heat, light, and energy; feelings of power and passion. Its beauty evokes all the intensities of nature and our own emotions.  FireSmith Copper seeks to capture fire’s essence forever through copper, exposing the innate hidden properties of this metal’s … Read more

Jacques & Mary Regat –

Jacques and Mary Regat are Alaskan sculptors, painters, and muralists, who have worked as professional artists and have lived in Alaska for over 50 years. They work in many medias such as bronze, wood, lithography, painting, jewelry, and the like.Their interest in the Alaska Native people has led them to create works of art that represent the stories and legends of these people … Read more

Jason Napier –

Enlivened by wildlife, Boundless in bronze & Masterful with form & color… These are the qualities that reveal the innate talent of Jason Napier Jason Napier’s wildlife sculptures are uniquely recognizable, collected & revered around the globe. Always fashioned in his distinctive style that exudes emotion and expresses the whimsical spirit of every subject. Each … Read more