Jacques & Mary Regat – RegatStudio.com

Jacques and Mary Regat are Alaskan sculptors, painters, and muralists, who have worked as professional artists and have lived in Alaska for over 50 years. They work in many medias such as bronze, wood, lithography, painting, jewelry, and the like.
Their interest in the Alaska Native people has led them to create works of art that represent the stories and legends of these people thereby bridging the gap between cultures. They also have done a collection of religious art telling the stories of the Saints for the Catholic Church. To their credit, their work has been commissioned by many in public places.

Nature, with its wonderful array of wild animals, has inspired them to create beautiful impressionistic images that fit in all types of home decors. They are known for their wide variety of subject matter with the Alaskan black bears, grizzly bears, and the pristine white polar bears of the far north being among some of their favorites. The otters, be it the river or sea otter, make exciting compositional possibilities with their wonderful fluid bodies and lively activities.