J.M. & T.C. Steele – IPaintAnimals.com

Jeanne & Tod Steele paint for life! They paint together, they paint on their own. No matter how they paint, the results are always colorful, beautiful, and inspiring! J.M. Steele paints animals & Plein air landscapes.

Steele & Steele Animals & Landscapes

Collaborative work that we paint together at the same time!

J.M. Steele’s Animals

Animals in Oil and Acrylic by Award-winning artist, J.M. Steele

Tod C. Steele’s Animals

Some of Tod’s original paintings…‘Cows, Chickens and Dogs – oh my!’

J.M. Steele’s Plein Air

Plein Air paintings of the Oregon Coast and other delightful spots!

Prints for Purchase

Quality Archival Giclee Prints made with pigmented inks on 6″ x 8″ hardboard and finished with 3 coats of professional U.V. varnish – the print’s rich colors will last a lifetime!